Jaman P2P Video Client Gets An Update | New Features Include Apple TV Plug In

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Jaman LogoJaman is a P2P video client enabling users to purchase
inexpensive downloads
and rentals of films over the web. It focuses on the independent film
with International audiences.

Jaman launched a few months ago, so let’s take a look at what has changed, if anything, since then.

As it turns out, its creators have done quite a bit. Some
alterations, some
enhancements, some more polish. It’s moved along.

With the new Jaman,
users can commence
with a film soon after a download begins (granted that the broadband
is fast enough to ensure the data comes down more quickly than video is

Plus with an improved layout to the website and a new
community page (one of
those more interesting features of the Jaman project), the whole
package looks
a good amount more attractive.

Brand new code and features

That isn’t all, however. No, the people behind Jaman
haven’t simply been
amending code at their respective workstations.

They’ve been writing more. According
Om Malik of GigaOM
, the San Mateo-based start-up has been
working to bridge
the gap between their P2P solution and their users’ living
rooms, or television
room, as it were.

And they’ve been doing so with the help of Apple
– though without Apple’s
express acknowledgement or approval.

Yes, they’ve hacked the Apple TV, and have done
“a great job” of it, so says
Mr Malik.

Video gleaned from Jaman’s portal purportedly shows
on a large plasma screen
with “stunning” visual quality. And syncing
supposedly works without a hitch.
Those two alone are possibly the most crucial variables to account for.

No direct-to-Apple-TV downloads, however. Like the
purchase-to-own stuff you
can currently get to the Apple TV via an iTunes equipped Mac or PC,
you’ll need
to keep your desktop humming to keep all gears turning smoothly.

Not sure why that is exactly. Perhaps Jaman’s
(unofficial) Apple TV plug-in
works via a back door in iTunes?

We’ll likely learn more details in the near future.

Jaman Apple TV

Now, I know what some of you will say silently to yourselves.
(Or audibly.

That Apple is supposedly working on a video rental system for
iTunes and
Apple TV users already, so there’s no way they’d
sit down with the guys at
Jaman and establish official ties. Au contraire, dear nay sayers.

Apple should give their blessing

As stated earlier, Jaman specializes in independent film.
Apple does not.
Not nearly to the extent that Jaman does, anyway. Therefore, I second
assertion that Apple “should give this product their
blessing.” Because, well,
it just makes sense.

Doing so would give Jaman huge backing, and would also give
Apple TV a
much-needed boost to have it escape its status as a pricey
“hobby” and have it
pushed into the realm of serious development at Infinite Loop.

Besides, current owners will finally have reason to justify
the $299
expense, and potentials will have reason to finally take the plunge.
That’d be
great, would it not?

(I presume that by MacWorld SF ‘08, Apple will
perhaps halve the cost of the
box, or upgrade its innards a bit.)

I love what’s already available to Average Joe at
Jaman.com. The desktop
client is great, and the various enhancements made in the past few
months are
much appreciated.

I only hope that the company is able to eventually take the
Apple TV plug-in
public. It’s win-win all around if they do. Guaranteed.