InternetVue PC2TV Wireless Video Router Review | Stream & Watch PC/Laptop on TV with Addlogix Media Extender

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Announced back in January at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the Addlogix EchoView FM PC2TV Wireless Video Converter. Basically it allowed you to watch your PC on your TV wirelessly.

The device has now been re-launched and re-branded as the ‘InternetVue’. I definitely prefer the new name.

Essentially the device is a wireless video router that can stream a video of what’s on your PC’s screen, wirelessly to your TV set.

Is this like the Apple TV?

This small device is similar to the Apple TV, except it has a DVI output (the Apple TV has a HDMI port), and is video format agnostic. This means it doesn’t matter what you play on your PC, you can watch it on your TV.

The problem with most media extenders is that you can only watch certain types of videos, whereas the InternetVue plays whatever you have on your PC screen.

Yes it will play anything including Hulu videos, YouTube, MegaVideo, KMPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp Video, etc.!

Some people have even used the device to give business presentations from a PC on a larger screen.

The Internetvue 2020 Unpacked

Control PC From the Couch?

The 2100 version of InternetVue does not allow you to control the PC indirectly, you have to control your computer the old fashioned way.

However, the 2020 version solves this problem. It comes with a infrared remote control which you can use to control your PC’s mouse and directional keys, and perform basic text entry. Therefore you don’t need to get up out of your seat to put on a new video or visit a new website.


InternetVue 2100 delivers video in a low resolution of up to 640 x 480 VGA/SD which won’t please HD fanatics. The 2020 version is better with XGA graphics resolution up to 1024 x 768.

Some users have reported that the InternetVue is cumbersome to set up and have run into problems, although other readers have stated it is quite easy to use. It does require software on your PC to run (which is provided) and on lower performance PC’s it can cause video and computer performance to become jittery.

There are also reports of the video being jittery on the TV, while on the PC it is fine. This is a result of the wireless connection not being able to handle transferring the video and is dependent on the speed and setup of your home network. This can be improved by using a wired connection over a wireless connection.

One other potentially major downside is that you must have wireless enabled PC or laptop for InternetVue to work wirelessly. If your PC is wired then you have to use a wired ethernet cable to connect the device to your TV.

It has also been reported that the remote isn’t the greatest for PC cursor control since there is quite a bit of lag.

InternetVue Specs

The device is based on the PC2TV chip from Quartics which is also being bundled with the SlingCatcher from SlingMedia.

  • Send computer video wirelessly to TV, monitors, projectors, or other video displays
  • Compatible with wireless (802.11 b/g) enabled PC (no additional hardware required).
  • Plug-and-play installation with driver installed from the product (no CD).
  • Access Internet or local area network (LAN) through on-board 10/100 Ethernet interface.
  • Compatible with Intel-based Mac’s (requires installation of Apple Boot Camp and Windows XP).

Currently AddLogix has launched the InternetVue 2100, the digital version with DVI and VGA outputs, and also has the very similar the InternetVue 2020 which has higher resolution and composite and component video outputs.

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