Google TV Coming To The U.K. As Eric Schmidt Promises More Partners, Brighter U.S. Future

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Google TV LogoGoogle TV isn’t going to be one of those many products or services Google kills off quietly after a failed trial. Instead, it’s going to nurture Google TV and even expand its reach outside of the States.

Google TV Coming To U.K.

Google TV

may not have been a success in the U.S., with Apple TV outperforming it every step of the way, but that isn’t stopping Google from planning its next move. And it’s one that will see them hop across the Atlantic to arrive on the doorsteps of the British public.

According to Eric Schmidt, speaking in his keynote at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Google TV will launch in Europe in the next six months, and the search and advertising giant is already in talks with British broadcasters.

This is a necessary step if Google is going to avoid experiencing the same problems in the U.K. and Europe as it has in the United States. The major U.S. networks have all blocked their content from streaming through Google TV, proving their desire to remain in control but also their unwillingness to stare the future in the face.

Google TV Future…

Google, however, is looking to the future, and Schmidt claims that early failure (as perceived from the outside) will now prevent the company from moving forward with its plans. According to Reuters, he is confident that more partners will join the existing ones, saying:

“We’re absolutely committed to staying, to improving Google TV. I believe that they’re both [Sony and Logitech] going to be on board and I believe there are many more coming. Wait shortly for an announcement.”

The message is clear: Google isn’t going to kill Google TV off anytime soon. In the same way that Apple is viewing Apple TV as a hobby for the time being, knowing that its day will surely come, so Google is confident that connected-TV platforms are the future, and it needs to be involved.


There is a longterm battle shaping up here, not only between Google and Apple, but also between dozens of other smaller players all building their own connected-TV platforms. We won’t know who is going to win until the TV networks start playing nice, but Google is clearly not going down without a fight.

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