Google Apps Gets ‘Google Video For Business’ | Bringing The Ease Of YouTube To Companies

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Google Apps Gets 'Google Video For Business'Google has been struggling to make any serious revenue from YouTube, but its new Google Video For Business could finally see video sharing proving profitable for the company.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a set of communication tools and applications such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Docs that individuals and businesses can use for a range of uses.

There is a free version, with no APIs or customer support, and a business edition that costs $50 per user per year and enable a company to ensure all its employees can network using the same set of tools.

Google Video For Business

Google has just announced that the business edition is set to get video added to its list of applications via Google Video For Business.

This new addition to Google Apps will enable all paying customers to upload and share videos of up to 300Mb, with a total account limit of 3Gb. There is no time-length limit and each account can view as many videos as they want to.

Accessible By All Employees

While other video sharing applications are focussed on giving the people at the top a way of communicating with their underlings, mainly for training, Google Video For Business allows all members of a company to communicate with each other how they see fit.

The system is closed, meaning videos will only be viewable by other members of that particular company, and will enable training, demo sharing, team building, or memos to be shared between team members.

Features On Offer

At the moment, the product is only offering streaming and downloadable video, but video conferencing could play a part in the future.

Employees can tag, comment and track videos, and there is also a Scene Browser feature built in which presents a series of thumbnails of the selected video and enables viewers to search and view any scene of their choice.


Google is sensible to use its new found set of video technology, acquired since YouTube became part of the empire, to add to its offerings for businesses.

While this is unlikely to be of any real widespread appeal, some companies are sure to utilise the new addition to Google Apps to help their employees communicate via video more effectively.


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