Gangnam Style Most Watched Video On YouTube | Online Video Crucial To Worldwide Success

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gangnam-styleYou may very well be sick of Gangnam Style by now, but there are more people discovering this song every single day. With YouTube crucial to Gangnam Style becoming a worldwide phenomenon, it’s no wonder the PSY hit has become the most watched video on the site.

Most Liked, Most Viewed

Gangnam Style

became the most liked video of all time on YouTube in September, knocking LMFAO off the top spot. Now, Gangnam Style has become the most viewed video of all time on YouTube as well.

This time PSY knocked Justin Bieber off the top spot, with his Baby having held the top spot since 2010. Gangnam Style has been watched more than 835 million times, and all since it was first posted to the Google-owned video-sharing site on July 15, 2012.

YouTube To Thank/Blame

Gangnam Style

has become a phenomenon at this point in time, one that will likely disappear as quickly as it arrived. YouTube had a big part to play in the success of this Korean pop hit that everybody knows but no one really understands.

This is due to the fact that the visuals are just as important to Gangnam Style as the tune is. If you hear this song on the radio it’s catchy but ultimately forgettable, but if you watch the video it stays with you long after the last line has been sung.

Gangnam Style has gone on to enjoy mainstream success, being number one in the charts of 28 countries around the world. But it’s the YouTube video that sparked it all off, showing the power viral video has in this day and age.


I cannot see the Gangnam Style craze lasting much longer, and I suspect PSY will end up being a one-hit wonder outside his native Korea. But for now his song is breaking Internet records and making him a ton of money into the process.

Via BBC News

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