DivX Launches DivX TV | Streaming Internet TV Platform Replacing Set-Top Box Strategy

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DivX LogoDivX has changed tact and reinvented itself more time than most. Its latest move is away from a dedicated set-top box and to a streaming Internet TV platform which will be available on a range of devices. Though competition is already fierce.

Evolving DivX


has been a name synonymous with online video for a long time thanks to the codec and player which have been around for years.

However, in more recent years, DivX has tried to break out of these self-imposed walls by trying to enter the hardware market.

But having pretty much failed with its own set-top boxes, DivX is now entering the crowded Internet TV platform market. Which is a risky move.

DivX TV Devices

At the Consumer Electronics Show today, DivX unveiled its DivX TV, an Internet TV platform designed to stream a range of Web content to as many devices as will carry the service.

DivX plans to make its DivX TV service available on as many devices as possible, including TVs, Blu-ray players, and games consoles. LG Electronics is the first hardware manufacturer to sign up to carry DivX TV.

DivX Content

DivX is claiming to already have 70 content channels lined up, with partners including:

* Associated Press
* blip.tv
* Break
* Roxio CinemaNow
* Dailymotion
* Diggnation
* Pandora
* Picasa
* Revision 3
* Rhapsody
* Tekzilla
* The Street.com
* Twitter


While some of these content partners are fine and good, they’re not exactly A-list when it comes to video content providers. There’s no Netflix, there’s no Hulu, there’s no premium content which would make this announcement something special.

That’s not to say this content isn’t highly watchable, it’s just that most of it is available online for free already. Whether watching it on television rather than a PC is enough of a draw remains to be seen.