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Disney LogoDisney is seeking to move with the times and use the Internet to sell its content and brand in a big, bad way. First up is movie rentals, next is original content being created just for the Web. And YouTube is at the heart of it all.

Disney Movies On YouTube

The first Disney movies have landed on YouTube, at least in the U.S. Current movies available to rent from YouTube.com/movies include classic such as the original Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh, as well as more recent fayre such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars.

These are just the first of what is expected to be a steady stream of Disney movies coming to YouTube. Extras, such as you would find on a DVD or Blu-ray, are also on the way. These include cast interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, and outtakes.

But even this is only the start of a much wider partnership planned between YouTube and Disney.

A Wider Partnership

It was announced at the beginning of this month that Disney will be one of the new YouTube partners with its own dedicated channel delivering wholly original content to viewers.

The two companies will both contribute to the budget, which is estimated to initially be around $15 million. The hope is to claw all that money and more back through advertising revenues, and with YouTube being the sizable force it is now, and growing all time time, this shouldn’t be a problem.

What is unusual about this deal, more than the others that have also been announced, is the obvious targeting at children. Kids are becoming big consumers of digital content – on the Web, on their smartphones, and on their games consoles – so this makes perfect sense.


This is a great partnership in the offing. Disney and YouTube are both recognized brands in their own field around the world. This should aid both companies in expanding their userbases and adding an extra layer of revenue in these troubled financial times.

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