Comcast Unveils Streampix – A New Streaming Video Subscription Service For Cable Customers

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Comcast LogoThe U.S. cable companies really don’t get it, do they. Their business is facing the biggest threat since it began, with the Internet already starting to make them surplus to requirements, and yet they continue to try and add extra charges on top of the existing ones.


Comcast has unveiled Streampix, a streaming video service costing $4.99-per-month. The catch? It’s only available to those already subscribing to Comcast television services. In other words, pay $80-per-month for basic cable and we’ll throw this in for just $5.

Those with Xfinity triple-play packages (TV, Internet, and phone) will get Streampix for free. Because Comcast is generous like that.

What you get for your money is streaming television series and movies including previous seasons of 30 Rock, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lost, plus the likes of Brokeback Mountain, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Big Lebowski. So, nothing particularly awesome to write home about.

Why Would You?

The problem with Streampix as far as I can see is the need to be an existing Comcast customer. What this essentially means is Comcast is trying desperately to hold on to its existing customer base, who is fears will cut the cord completely and switch to online video options.

In other words Comcast is running scared of the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and all the other streaming services which are out there just waiting to poach customers away from the cable companies.

But why would anyone be willing to pay $5 on top of the small fortune they’re already shelling out when for $7.99-per-month they can get the same or very similar content on Netflix or Hulu Plus? I just don’t get it.


I don’t subscribe to cable television, and I doubt I ever will. I’m happy with a combination of free-to-air content and services such as Netflix and LoveFilm, which I can take or leave on a monthly basis. I cut the cord years ago, and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Free yourself from the tyranny of the cable companies. The Internet has given consumers choice, so make the most of that power.

[Via Variety]

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