Brightcove Enters ‘TV Everywhere’ Initiative | Bringing Cable Content To Authenticated Web

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Brightcove LogoFaced with a rapidly-dropping number of subscribers, cable companies are starting to realize they need to embrace rather than fight the Web to succeed in this new digital age. And Brightcove wants to help them, providing the platform which could see content cropping up on multiple sites on the Web.

Cable – Who Needs It?

The cable companies really aren’t keen on the Internet or online video. It’s a sector they don’t control, and currently don’t even have a foothold in.

But the Web is providing a viable alternative to expensive cable subscriptions for many people. Who needs to see a huge fee leave their bank account every month when the likes of Hulu provide content for free (at least for now). Especially with more TVs and devices being Internet-enabled, meaning Web video is moving from computers to the living room.

TV Everywhere

After spending some time fighting the lurch to the Web, the cable companies are now fighting back. Last year saw Comcast and Time Warner announce ‘TV Everywhere’, an initiative which will see some content be available to watch on the Web as well as on TV.

The catch is, of course, that it’ll only be available to current cable subscribers. This is designed to give viewers more options while still enabling the cable companies to retain the control they have enjoyed for many years.

‘TV Everywhere’ is currently being trialled. However, the cable companies currently envision ‘TV Everywhere’ as something strictly under their control, with existing subscribers given access to a Web video portal.

Brightcove Enters The Fray

Brightcove has other ideas, setting out its stall to act as go-between. Using its video platform and a new authentication process, Brightcove could enable a multitude of different programmers to place their content online; not just on a central portal, but on their own Web sites as well.

The tricky thing about ‘TV Everywhere’ is making sure only existing cable subscribers are getting access to the content being placed on the Web. Brightcove believes it has all the tools necessary to make this a reality.


There’s no guarantee the cable companies ill go for this, but if they had any sense then they would do. ‘TV Everywhere’ is a good first step to embracing the Web, but Brighcove’s product would make it a much more attractive proposition both for cable subscribers and content creators.