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AskMrVideo LogoVideo is becoming a key ingredient on the Internet, whether it’s by way of user created content on sites such as YouTube, TV networks expanding their businesses online, or companies having an online presence.

But with that comes the technical difficulties involved in creating, producing, and distributing videos over the web and beyond.

Obviously we here at WebTVWire do our best to provide you with all the tools, tips, tricks and news you need to be a successful videographer, but making money from it is another realm altogether.

Why Not Ask Mr Video?

That’s where AskMrVideo comes in: a site dedicated to helping videographers, Internet marketers, and people interested in the business of making videos, do so successfully, and hopefully profitably.

The site is not free, instead offering two levels of membership. To be a Director will cost you a one off fee of $25 and then $9.95 per month after that. A Producer level costs $117 per year, but includes a one hour Internet video coaching session.

To be fair, these aren’t bad prices, as the amount of information and helpful advice you gain from joining means you could make your money back quite easily.

Value For Money?

For your money you get a whole range of articles on subjects as diverse as tutorials on how to upload your video to various sites, articles giving insights in to making web video a profitable pastime, and FAQs on other topics related to Internet video.

There is also some free software included as a bonus for signing up, such as an flv player which you can add to your website or blog to provide a talking FAQ.

AskMrVideo Site Review | How To Profit With Video - Tips and FAQs At Your Fingertips

Free Content

Even those of us not willing to pay do have reasons to visit the site, as there are some very informative free sample articles, as well as an archive of free weekly tips.

The site is nicely laid out, and everything is easy to find and navigate. The only complaint I have is the annoying talking Mr Video which pops up on screen while you’re reading (as seen in the screenshot above).

Overall, AskMrVideo is an excellent resource for video producers everywhere. If you’re willing to pay the site fees, then I’m sure the site will cater for your every need. And if it doesn’t, ask for a refund.

[Note: WebTVWire received a monetary reward for honestly and impartially discussing AskMrVideo]