Online Video Continuing To Grow | 11.5 Billion Video Views During March In US Alone

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YouTube Monetization Tools On WayOnline video is continuing to grow, a fact those of us who keep an eye on the goings on in the industry already knew, but which has now been proven by statistics.

The stats in question this time come from Comscore, and cover the month of March. The figures show that there were 11.5 billion video views during the month, an increase from February and a new record to boot.

A New Record Set

Before March, the previous highest amount of video views in any one month was the 10.15 billion achieved last December, but that figure has now been roundly beaten.

139 million unique US viewers watched an average of 83 video each during the month, with the average viewer spending 235 minutes watching video on the Web.

YouTube Still On Top

As for the individual sites, it’s no surprise that YouTube once again finds itself at the top of the pile with 4.3 billion videos watched by 84.8 million people.

Fox came in second place, but way behind with 400 million videos watched by 47.7 million viewers. Yahoo came in third with 32.8 million viewers.

While this shows that no-one can even come close to the Google owned YouTube, the state of the online video business as a whole is soaring, and I fully expect it to continue to rise over the next few months.