Virage ACID | Big promises for detection of online video infringements

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Virage has announced the release of Virage Automatic Copyright Infringement Detection or ACID for short. Virage is a division of Autonomy Systems and works in Rich Media Management software and intelligent video analytics.

The new copyright detection tool ACID promises to automate the detection of
illegal distribution of copyrighted material on the Internet.

Big Promises

Virage uses patented image and audio analysis technology to quickly detect breaches of copyright, regardless of where media is located or what format it is in. That’s a big promise from Virage and I’m going to have to see it to believe it.

ACID can quickly detect breaches of copyright regardless of where they are located or what format they are in.

Virage says that ACID will automatically detect rich media that infringes copyright eliminating the need for an organization to spend a lifetime rummaging through online video sites or P2P networks to find infringing videos.

The company also states that it will be an extremely useful tool for video sharing sites to automatically detect infringements as they are uploaded to their site.

It detects audio too

Not only can ACID detect video but it can also detect audio, whether it is in the original video or remixed onto a new video clip.

The press release from Virage did not offer much information into how ACID actually worked but it did state that unlike many DRM solutions, ACID does not
rely on watermarking so it is not undermined by random noise or format and
codec changes.

A word from Dr. Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy

“With the explosion in interest around video sharing and distribution over the Internet, copyright owners must act rapidly to stay ahead of the rising tide of illegal copies of their content. With Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing technology and image and audio analysis expertise, ACID is a powerful solution to help media companies protect their assets, and video sharing websites to reduce their risk, while reducing administrative overheads for both.”

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