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hitbliss-logoUnless you actively block or are able to tune them out, you’ll see ads everywhere you go online. HitBliss hopes to use this fact to attract consumers and advertisers to a new way of working together.

A Necessary Evil

No one really likes advertising, whether it’s online, at the cinema, or merely watching television at home. Instead they are a necessary evil, there to provide income for the providers who can then plow it back into producing more content we want to see.

This system works well for websites, few of which charge for content. It also works for some streaming services, which will play ads before, during, and/or after a video to make ends meet. Could it work on a grander scale, where people earn money which they can then use to purchase new movies and episodes of current TV shows?

We’ll find out when HitBliss launches comes out of beta.


The aforementioned HitBliss launched in beta this week. At its heart HitBliss is another store where consumers can purchase or rent movies and television shows, just like Apple iTunes and Google Play. However, those who don’t want to stump up the cash are given another option.

Alongside the store is an opt-in platform where personalized ads are delivered to each viewer. Each ad delivered earns the viewer credits which they can then use against the purchase of content.

The more information you reveal to HitBliss, the more personalized the ads become, and the more money you make. You have to actually watch the ad too, as prompts will appear that require interaction to ensure you don’t try to cheat the system.

Will It Work?

This is a frankly genius idea that I’m amazed no one has thought of before. However, it will only work if a) people are willing to divulge personal information that is useful to advertisers, b) the earn rate is sufficient to keep users interested, and c) the content is kept fresh and up to date.

We should know whether all of these prerequisites are hit when HitBliss launches fully in the near future.

[Via The Verge]

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