Democracy Player | HD Arrives As 200 Channels Are Added

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The Democracy Player, essentially an RSS video feed aggregator with a slick interface, is busy adding available channels, including a lot of high definition content. The player facilitates subscribing to channels, or feeds, and automatically downloads videos to your computer.

A new feature added to this release is the ability to sort by high definition channels only. The player also indicates which channels, or feeds, are available in high definition.

Most LCD monitors are equivalent to high definition TVs in terms of resolution. I watch online videos on my Dell 24″ widescreen monitor. Watching low resolution video fullscreen is painful.

Having a feed aggregator like the Democracy Player indicate which channels are high definition is a nice feature that should appeal to lots of people. As web video matures, it will be interesting to see if software like Joost transition totally to high definition.

The Democracy Player is one of the few online video players that is open source (hence the name “Democracy”).