BrioBox $50,000 video competition

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BrioBoxBrioBox is running a competition where you can win $50,000 by submitting your original YouTube videos to the site. The competition launched at the beginning of this month and will run to the end of the year and the winner, as well as recieving $50,000, should also have their video shown on national TV. I say should because BrioBox does not seem to have signed any TV broadcasting deals yet.

Winners of the video competition will be chosen by members of the BrioBox community where users can vote for individual videos. Given that the big community driven sites like have enough trouble preventing fake votes, BrioBox will definitely be in for a challenge.

One thing I definitely don’t like about the competition is that the site is selling pixel advertising on the BrioBox homepage. Yes that’s the same type of advertising that made Alex Tew of the Million Dollar Homepage rich.

Having a mishmash of adverts on the BrioBox homepage is not going to have the same quick rich effect that Alex Tew luckily got. It is going to be extremely off putting to users and what is worse BrioBox is selling these spots to people who have entered the competition. This is so they can increase their chances of being seen, getting votes, and subsequently winning. This doesn’t really seem like a fair way of running the competition because you can pay to increase your chances of winning!

you can pay to increase your chances of winning!

One small square is being sold at $100 each and there are a few hundred squares. So far no squares have been sold and if BrioBox are planning to use the money they make from selling these spots I’d be very worried if I were them.

On a slightly separate note BrioBox recently removed a video from the site that contained a child making racial slurs.