IPTV Research Paper | Accenture IPTV Monitor Issue 3

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Accenture LogoAccenture — a consulting, outsourcing and technology company — has been following the IPTV industry very closely. The company has just recently released its latest 13 page research report; IPTV Monitor Issue 3.

This research paper adds to a growing number of great research reports that Accenture has published on the emerging IPTV and internet TV industry. These include:

IPTV Monitor Issue 3

The study discusses the results of a survey among executives working in the communications, high tech and media industries. The survey questions their confidence in the short and long-term revenue picture of IPTV outlining future trends and concerns of the IPTV industry.

IPTV Monitor Issue 3 Key Points:

Consumer Value Proposition Needs Refinement

One obstacle is a perception that customers do not fully appreciate the value of IPTV. Only 11 percent of all respondents think that customer understanding of the IPTV value proposition is high enough to support a solid business case, and this figure sinks to 3 percent among network operators.

Quality of Service Slows Adoption

Quality-of-service issues are seen as the largest obstacle to consumer adoption of IPTV over the next year. These problems should recede in the longer term, however.

Marketing and Pricing Strategies Must Mature

The IPTV industry is still seeking its footing when it comes to selling television and video services. Only 15 percent of those surveyed judge IPTV marketing and pricing strategies to be fully ready. Just 12 percent of network operator executives surveyed believe their marketing and pricing strategy is sufficiently developed.

The IPTV Value Proposition

“The value proposition for IPTV remains strong. Newer generations of viewers are now well accustomed to the freedom of searching for content, and then viewing it when and where they want to. IPTV promises to bring that level of freedom to television viewing.” – Ray Dogra, Accenture

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