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Zml LogoIn a move sure to upset the MPAA, and anti-piracy organisations everywhere, the people behind AllOfMp3 have now created a similar site for all your movie download needs.

AllOfMp3 was a legally dubious site, allowing people to download songs and albums for a fraction of the price they’d pay either in shops, or on officially sanctioned mp3 sites. follows exactly the same business model, and straddles that legal grey area as a result, allowing you to download movies of all ages and qualities for a very fair price.

Simple To Use

After registering a user profile, customers can then pre-load their account with tokens, which can then be used to pay for the movie downloads of their choice.

Using a secure site, or even your mobile phone, you pay for these tokens to pay for downloads of any of a huge number of movies available through the site.

Choices & DRM Free

The range on offer is quite wide (numbering 1,500 and rising), and should allow most people to find a number of movies they’d like the chance to download.

In a move which puts other more legal alternatives to shame, all of the movies are DRM-free, and the URL to download your chosen flick from is valid for a generous two weeks, allowing users plenty of time to complete their download.

The speed of some of the downloads isn’t great, but with a site such as this, that’s to be expected. People can get past most of these limitations by downloading at less busy times when less users are accessing the Internet.

Price Range

It also depends which quality of movie the customer chooses to download. These range from iPod, or PDA formats for just $1.99, through to DivX at $2.99, and Hi Resolution DVD priced at $4.99

These are all fair prices, and again, choice seems to be at the heart of the whole operation. | Allowing People To Download Movies Cheaply... But Not Altogether Legally

Which Side Of The Law Are You On?

As a business model, this clearly stands up to scrutiny, offering consumers what they want, when they want it, and at a price that most consider healthy and affordable.

The only question mark left then, is how important it is for this type of site to stay on the right side of legal.

This is clearly infringing on copyrights, and it’s up to the individual to decide whether that’s a concern for them or not.