YouTube Spam | Dodgy Internet “Marketers” selling links on YouTube

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YouTube LogoIf you haven’t noticed you can have active links in the descriptions of videos that you upload and store on YouTube. If you run a website you can therefore make use of this to send visitors to your site. For example, if you have a site on Harley Davidson’s you could make a video tutorial video on how to replace the exhaust, post it on YouTube and include a link back to your site.

But where there are visitors there is money, where there is money there is spam, and where there is spam there are dodgy Search engine marketing companies.

I saw this the other week on a webmaster forum where an advertiser was selling links on YouTube video pages. I imagine this is a violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions The picture below showed where they would place your link:

YouTube Spam

While legitimate web marketing companies could provide original and interesting videos as part of a marketing campaign, I can see a number of less ethical marketers starting to upload pirated videos of whatever they can find in large number, and stick a link to their own or a client’s website in hope for some traffic.

The links themselves actually contain the “nofollow” attribute to tell search engines not to follow them. This could mean there is no search engine benefit as search engines are told to ignore those links. Although I have theories that search engines make their own decisions about what links they will use in their algorithms – nofollow or follow.

Either way we can expect more YouTube spam.

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