YouTube Adverts Already Here

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YouTube has launched its video adverts a little earlier than anticipated.

I was expecting a very short pre-roll advert and a 15 second long post-roll advert from YouTube but the video sharing giant is being very user friendly by offering just inline and post-roll static ads.

These static ads will only play an overlaying video when you click on them so there are no signs of any intrusive video ads that play before or after the video of any kind. This is something which I think all YouTube users will be happy with.


YouTube Ad Inline

Inline advert

YouTube Advert Post Static

Post Roll static advert

YouTube Advert Overlay

Video Ad Overlay

Screenshot credit: InsideOnlineVideo

Some unconfirmed information

  • The adverts appear to be geo-targeted and possibly only appearing to U.S. users at this point.
  • The ads are currently not appearing in embedded adverts
  • The revenue from these adverts will be shared with the premium video producers.