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Ericsson and Redback

Swedish telecom giant Ericsson will acquire Silicon Valley’s Redback Networks, which produces routing equipment, in response to Cisco’s recent efforts to gain momentum in the IPTV sector.


ExpoTV, the YouTube of user generated video product reviews, takes $6 million in SeriesA funding.

Verisgn P2P video service

Verisign is to launch a video delivery system for online video downloads which can use P2P technology. This is the company’s natural progression after its $62 million purchase of Kontiki2, a P2P technology company, earlier this year.

2.95 million IPTV subscribers

Global IPTV subscribers reached 2.95 million as of 30 June 2006, up twofold from 1.47 million a year earlier, according to research from Point Topic.

Google vs. Baidu

Search Engine giants Google and Baidu are preparing for battle as they both look to expand their internet video offerings in China.

1 million Chinese IPTV subscriber

The number of IPTV subscribers in China could exceed 1 million in 2007, skyrocketing from the current 100,000 subscribers.

Cavalier and Talk America

Cavalier and Talk America complete merger

which will see the company aiming to provide its revolutionary new “IPTV” service to millions of additional cable customers.

SeaChange enters new markets

Video on demand delivery specialist SeaChange adds the U.S. Department of Defense and Russian broadband provider Corvette Telecom to its list of clients. SeaChange also has its 10-year listing anniversary on NASDAQ.

Bittorrent to enter the living room

BitTorrent’s acquisition of µTorrent will see P2P downloading in Set Top Boxes, and this is no joke according to Mark Cuban.

TV an Open Platform

How TV will become the ultimate open platform.

$1.5 Billion video sales

Online Video Sales to Reach $1.5 Billion in 2007.

Fast TV and Teracom

Fast TV and Teracom

enter an agreement that will bring one million Swedish households the chance to choose IPTV.

NBS experimenting with online TV

NBC has a number of new online or mobile video-based ideas and initiatives underway showing the company is ready to experiment online.

Revver website improved

Revver gets a facelift with a more appealing website interface.

Xbox Marketplace vs. HD DVD

The Xbox Live Video Marketplace HD videos match up to HD videos off HD DVDs.

U-Verse problems

AT&T’s U-Verse IPTV services full of bugs and problems.

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