Watch 2008 Presidential Election Results Online | Barack Obama Vs. John McCain

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The 2008 Presidential Election is finally drawing to a close, with the results due to come in across the evening of November 4th. But where to watch the coverage online?

The Race For The White House

The race for the White House has seemingly gone on forever, with years of preparation and months of campaigning from Barack Obama and John McCain, but the end is now in sight.

As the polling stations close, and the results start to come in, many people will eschew traditional media coverage in favor of more unbiased and conclusive coverage online, with video being a key element of that.

Here are some of the places on the Internet covering the election, be it through streaming video, regular video updates, or even interviews with voters.

Traditional Broadcasters

ABC News will be offering live streaming coverage of its own newscast, reporters on the scene in important swing states, and streaming video from both Obama and McCain’s campaign headquarters.

CBS News will be simulcasting its news coverage online as well as live blogging results updated regularly. Katie Couric will also host a live late night webcast to pull the results together and answer people’s questions.

CNN has an Election 2008 center which can be customized to each user’s own needs. Live video will be broadcast on the Web throughout the night.

Fox News also has a comprehensive Election page. The live video page will be streaming coverage all evening while a live webcast discussing the results and issues at hand is also planned.

Live Streaming

Livestation will offer U.S. viewers the chance to hear other countries perspectives on the results, streaming Al Jazeera, BBC World News, Euronews, France 24, and C-SPAN coverage.

MSNBC will be offering live coverage of the election, while C-SPAN will be using Mogulus to stream both Obama and McCain‘s election nights.

Press Coverage

The Associated Press will be participating in its first live webcast ever in honor of the election. Reporters will be on the spot revealing results, as well as interviewing voters around the country.

The New York Times will have video updates every 30 minutes in addition to state-by-state results and news surrounding these last moments of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Alternative Views

If traditional media isn’t your bag then there are a range of options. The UpTake is a citizen news site which will be streaming video of voters reactions as the night wears on.

Ustream will be hosting a range of streaming video channels, including Rock The Vote, PressPassTV, OneNewsNow, and Politico.


This election is like no other, not only in the fact that we could see the first black President but also because of the amazing range of options available to viewers, both online and off.

The Internet now offers such a broad base of video coverage that whatever your viewpoint or bias, you’re sure to find coverage to suit your own personal needs.

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