TubeMaster++ Review | Free to Download Video & Audio Conversion Software With Additional Video & Music Search

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Tubemaster++ video conversion software

TubeMaster++ is software for capturing video files to your computer and converting them to different video or audio formats. It includes a video and music search feature as well.

What is TubeMaster

TubeMaster++, available for PC, Linux and Mac, is a free downloadable video conversion software that includes search engines for video and audio.  Goofy name, but an impressive variety of features for a free product.

It can capture multimedia files from your internet browser, or you can drag and import files you want to convert. Files can be saved on your PC or converted to other video or audio formats (such as AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4, IPod, PSP, etc.)

Giving it a Spin…

I downloaded TubeMaster and gave it a try, and was impressed by how well this worked. The software is built around three primary components: media capture/conversion, video search and MP3 search. The audio/video search features in an of themselves are impressive features.

The media capture allows you to click and drag in media that you’d like to convert, while the video and MP3 search features offer robust search engines for finding video and audio. I was impressed by the speed this software returned results for my queries.

Tubemaster++ in action convertion various videos on my desktop

Running Some Video Conversion

I was able to use TubeMaster++ to convert films to different formats, then preview them with TubeMaster++. From my own observation, these all converted without a hitch and played fine for me.

TubeMaster++ can convert a number of files at the same time, and lets you preview the video in a smaller popup window in the application.

Video Searches

The Video Search feature is a decent one, and offers basically a no-frills search engine that can perform a global video search across a number of different sources (e.g. YouTube, DailyMotion, and dozens of others) and presents the results back on the screen.

The video results display the video title, length, category and even the source. Scrolling through the results and making a selection, you can then kick off any video which launches in your default browser.

Tubemaster++ music search results

Music Searching too

The Music Search also works in much the same way as the Video Search, and a few of the searches that I ran brought back a number of results.

Once you’ve found a song that you want, you can select the download option to bring it into the TubeMaster++ tool for conversion.

What Reviews Say About the TubeMaster

Most of the reviews that I found for TubeMaster++ were favorable. Freewaregenius noted some of the positives of this software, including how it can be launched independently wihout having to install itself as an extension of your browser.

CNET’s editors were a little more harsh, pointing out some issues with the interface and application instability. They also noted, and I’d agree, that the documentation/tutorials could have been a little more comprehensive.


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