SpeedBit’s Free Video Accelerator Review | Speed Up YouTube Streaming [Software Download]

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SpeedBit's Free Video Accelerator

SpeedBit’s Free Video boost the speed of video downloading speed and also ends interruptions in video streaming.

No More Freezing YouTube Videos

I have a fairly old Sony VAIO computer, around 10 years old, that I still use because I don’t have the heart to put it out to pasture yet.  And being an old computer, I’ve had problems with YouTube videos that will freeze a couple seconds into each clip.

The videos start like normally, then just freeze completely, showing that the video is loading but going nowhere.  I do all I can to keep the computer in good shape, but alas, those videos would just keep freezing on me.  So what to do…?

The Accelerating Solution…

So I recently gave SpeedBit’s free Video Accelerator a try, and it did a great job speading up streaming videos on my old box.  No more freezing.

What SpeedBit’s accelerator does is integrates itself automatically with your Web browser and system, and then, once you start viewing videos SpeedBit goes to work behind the scenes and kicks things up a notch.

SpeedBit Accelerator at Work

When you start a video up in YouTube, the video will reach a point when it previously have frozen and a popup will appear in the lower right corner of your screen, telling you that it’s now running:

SpeedBit panel that appears in the lower right of the screen when the video is accelerating

According to SpeedBit’s site, the Video Accelerator supports videos from over 150 sites such as:

  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • 5min
  • Veoh
  • Grouper
  • Stage 6
  • AOL Video
  • Bebo
  • Break
  • EA
  • ESPN
  • Etc.

Although not included in the list, I also tried out some clips on Hulu and these all ran perfectly as well (Yay! More ‘Greatest American Hero’!)

SpeedBit Video Accelerator: Free Version vs. Premium

It should be noted that the SpeedBit Video Accelerator program is a free download, but if you want the full version with all the bells and whistles (namely, HD Video Acceleration and iTunes Acceleration) you will need to purchase the premium version (currently $19.99 a year.)

But for all that it does offer with the free program, its definitely worth checking out as the boost in video streaming speed is noteworthy.

Video Review of the SpeedBit Video Accelerator

SpeedBit Video Accelerator

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