Sony Considering Internet TV Offering To Rival Cable, But Will Media Companies Take The Bait

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Sony LogoThey way we consume media, be it television, movies, music, games, or news is changing. Rapidly. All thanks to the Internet. But the old media dinosaurs are hanging on by their fingertips, despite attempts to get them to freefall into this new era.

Sony TV

Sony is reportedly considering setting up an online TV offering to rival cable. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony would deliver TV channels over the Internet to connected Sony devices such as games consoles, television sets, and Blu-ray players.

The Japanese technology giant has already approached the likes of NBC Universal, Discovery Communications, and News Corp. Sony wants to challenge the might of the cable companies by undercutting them on price and offering much more flexibility with channel choices.

This strikes right at the heart of many people’s problems with cable right now: it’s too expensive, and the channel packages forced upon you are ludicrous.

Connected Vs. Content

Sony is far from being the first company to propose such an endeavor. Although it could be the one with the biggest userbase of connected consumers using connected devices on a regular basis. Mainly thanks to the PS3 games console, which is currently installed in 18 million U.S. homes, and many more around the world.

But regardless of the number of connected customers it has it will still hit the same brick wall all the other companies who have headed, or are heading, down this route encounter. Namely a lack of content. Small companies may well jump at the chance to get involved, but bigger, established companies are a different breed altogether.


I hate to say it but I think Sony will fail here. Because it won’t find enough big media companies willing to gamble that they can make the move online while not burning their bridges with their existing partners. Especially as traditional distribution models are far more lucrative for them.

However, that won’t be the case forever, and the longterm rewards could be high for the first of the big media companies to break ranks. Who, if any, will be brave enough to take a punt?

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