PS3 Nabs More Online Streaming Video As ITV Player & 4oD Head On To Sony Games Console

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Playstation 3 ConsoleThe Playstation 3 is rapidly becoming the connected device of choice for U.K. television viewers to catch up on shows they may have missed. Joining the BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm on the console are the ITV Player and 4oD.

Streaming Games Consoles

Games consoles are perfectly placed to provide the necessary platform for online video streaming services to succeed in the living room. They’re already connected to the Internet, have a mainly young userbase, and are capable of streaming high quality video seamlessly.

All three of the current generation home consoles, the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, have some services attached, but the Sony console is ramping up its streaming options considerably right now, with the BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm already in place, and the ITV Player and 4oD on their way.

New PS3 Partners

The iPlayer has been on the PS3 since last year, but with ITV and Channel 4 now ready to move their catch-up TV-on-demand services on there, the Playstation 3 is gaining commercial television content for the first time.

Although neither service is heading for the Xbox 360 yet, neither broadcaster has ruled it out in the future. As for the Wii, though the Nintendo console was the first to boast the iPlayer, it seems unlikely ITV and Channel 4 will follow because the Wii “does not have the facility to carry” advertising.


The ITV Player and 4oD (as well as the iPlayer naturally) are already available to watch via the Web on PC and Mac, but having them available to view on the main TV in people’s living rooms at the touch of a button is a huge step up which could radically increase viewer numbers.

There is a chance that this will take viewers away from the broadcasters’ main websites, but with advertising still being in place this shouldn’t really be a problem. And ITV and Channel 4 should be applauded for finally jumping on board.

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