Pitchfork To Launch Music Web TV Station | Enough Interest To Pay For Video Bandwidth?

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Pitchfork TV LogoThe independent music website Pitchfork has today announced the launch of Pitchfork.tv, a new Web TV station which they hope will provide all of their readers with video content which is being ignored by other stations.

In their press release, they cite the fact that while high-profile mainstream artists have seen their coverage expanded exponentially, the same cannot be said of independent artists.

Enough Of A Fan Base?

While they have a point, there’s a reason for this lack of exposure, which is that indie artists don’t necessarily have the fan base out there to warrant the same kind of time on traditional or web based television as more established artists.

Which, if you’re about to launch a music station purely dedicated to these same independent artists, may prove to be a bit of a worry.

Pitchfork.tv is being described as “a visual extension” of the text based main Pitchfork site. So you can expect a snobbish, almost cliquey feel to the station then. You’re either part of the scene, or you’re not, there’s no in-between.

Brilliant Content Being Promised

While I’m unsure that the demand is out there for this station, the content actually looks quite interesting, with Pitchfork promising original mini-documentaries, secret live sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and of course, a hand-picked selection of music videos.

Even more encouraging is the promise of full-length feature films, music DVDs and re-showings of vintage concerts. Pitchfork.tv is guaranteeing to highlight a different film each week in its entirety.

Pitchfork To Launch Music Web TV Station

High Resolution Full Screen

This will all come completely on-demand, and be available in full screen, high resolution loveliness. Which all sounds great.

But the big problem is creating an audience out of nowhere, as if it doesn’t exist in the first place, then no matter how brilliant a service you provide is, you won’t get enough viewers to warrant its existence, and the cost of that video bandwidth.

Worth A Look?

We’ve already taken a look at VIRV here on WebTVWire, an indie music station dedicated to music videos. I have no idea how well its doing in terms of viewer numbers, but the fact its still up and running 6 months after starting has got to count for something right?

Pitchfork.tv is set to launch on April 7th, and should be worth checking out. Whether it has enough free content and viewers to prove a success is another matter entirely. I’ll be sure to post a follow up article on its progress later in the year.