Online Video To Dominate Web By 2012 | Video To PC & Video To TV Traffic On Rise

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Cisco Systems LogoOnline video is already massively popular in its many forms. However, if the latest predictions from Cisco Systems is to be believed, it is likely to be the dominant force on the Web by 2012.

The company has published its first Visual Networking Index, (PDF) and the results show that while video currently already accounts for a quarter of all Internet traffic, that figure is set to rise year-on-year until it surpasses 50% by 2012.

Video To PC and TV

Video to PC traffic will make up the majority of this figure by that date, but video to TV is also expected to rise massively over the same period, which gives set-top-box makers a great opportunity to be at the forefront of a rapidly growing market.

These sort of numbers make it even more important for TV studios, networks and programme-makers to get their plans in place over how they are going to utilise the popularity of the Web or they risk losing out altogether.

Changing The Landscape

As Om Malik also states in his analysis, these figures make the recent push for metered broadband moves by U.S. ISPs all the more ominous, as that could completely change the landscape of online video.

What is clear is that we are still just at the start of a very big push for online video to become the dominant force. The future is Web-based, and both ISPs and TV companies need to realise that before its too late.