Jewish TV Network To Stream Kol Nidre On Yom Kippur | Tapping The Power Of The Web

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Jewish TV Network LogoA sense of community is essential to most religions, and one
of the deepest aspects inherent in both religion and spirituality.

If you live in a city like Los Angeles, the chance are you
will have easy access to other people who share your faith and also a
place of worship to gather together in.

you live in more rural areas, or if you are housebound, you may be
missing that sense of community and the fellowship with other people
who share your faith.

saw that void and has decided to use the power of the internet to fill

Broadband Religious Network

Jay Sanderson of Jewish TV Network has
decided to become the first broadband religious network to stream the
holiest prayer, Kol Nidre, September 21, 2007 on
the high holiday
Yom Kippur (the Jewish Day of

The service will be broadcast from Wilshire Boulevard
Temple in Los Angeles, California.

TV Network offers a variety of online channels dedicated to bringing
the Jewish experience to the Internet in the form of both news and

This first-ever broadcast will bring Jews from around
the world together to celebrate this holiday, and offer those of other
faiths a chance to learn more about how their Jewish friends,
colleagues and relatives celebrate their faith.

Jewish Symbol

What did
Jay Sanderson have to say about this innovative marriage of Web 2.0 and

Kippur is the most observed Jewish Holiday of the year. Now everyone,
no matter what religion or denomination, will be able to observe the
most beautiful and provoking traditions of the Jewish people in a
completely new and untraditional way.”

“By taking advantage of our
broadband network,, we are connecting people
throughout the world who are either unable to attend Synagogue or
interested in learning more about the Jewish traditions.”

“We are very excited to be the first to use new
technology to bring Judaism’s most meaningful services to people around
the world including millions who do not have the access or ability to
attend High Holiday services.”

In addition to the free
broadcast on Yom Kippur, Jewish TV Network will be offering enhanced,
comprehensive content for Rosh Hashanna and the other
Jewish holidays, as well as cultural content and news.

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