iSuppli Predicts IPTV Growth | Industry Set To Increase Five Fold

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isuppli-image.jpgAs you may have guessed we are fairly keen on IPTV round these parts. So naturally, we are delighted to hear that the market intelligence firm, iSuppli, has predicted that the IPTV industry is set to multiply by a factor of five by 2011.

The report from iSuppli, ‘IPTV Content and Services 2007: Telecom Companies Turn up the Heat’, details that according to current trends, IPTV will be worth some $26.3 billion by 2011.

The report also indicates that future competition in the industry is likely to be centred on features and benefits, as opposed to price which if true is of course good news for John and Jane Q. Public. Mooted features include high-definition programming, digital video recording and remote access.

All of these features are of course already available in one form or another, but putting such unfamiliar technology into the hands of customers, many of which are addicted to having their programming dictated to them, is a slow process.

The report is not free to read unfortunately, but to get an idea of its contents an abstract is available online here.