IPTV Predictions For 2008 | A Pivotal Year For Internet and Mobile Video Technologies

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IPTV Predictions For 2008 | A Pivotal Year For Internet and Mobile Video TechnologiesIt’s 2008, and time to take a look in to the old crystal ball.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see in to the future, and predict the
outlook for IPTV over the next year.

NewTeeVee has already came out
with their list of online video predictions for 2008 and GigaOm
has their list of the top five trends for the forthcoming

And of course there is all of
the product news around mobile and IPTV as well as content deals coming
out of the CES
show in Las Vegas
, leaving us to ponder and wonder
what’s in store for 2008?

2008 Will Be THE Year

We think this will be the year that video takes a
large leap toward realizing the vision of video ubiquity, gaining
traction in becoming a viable choice for consumers on all “3

In particular we think this will be the year of the low
revolution. As handsets and networks improve, we’ll
see more and more
content creators, syndicators and UGC sites implementing mobile
initiatives to move beyond the PC and package their video for the
portable, personal mobile market.  

This gives them an opportunity to
extend the reach of content that they currently have and opens up other
revenue streams for monetizing that content.

Transcoding And Advertising

Also, I personally believe that this is the year that you will
transcoding and pre/post roll advertising in the same

Operators are pushing the boundaries to monetize more and more
videos and pre/post roll advertising, although hated, is still the
overall leader in revenue generation.  

This year you will see many
announcements on unique applications in transcoding
technologies and advertising strategies.

And Finally

And finally, here are kudos to some new innovations like
SlingMedia’s announcement to
release SlingPlayer for the popular
BlackBerry devices, the anticipated 3G version of the iPhone and the
prospect of carriers like Verizon opening their networks
to any device give us early hope that 2008 will indeed be a pivotal
year for Internet and mobile video.

Originally written by Brendon Mills of the RipCode Blog. RipCode offers on-demand video transcoding solutions to ease the process of re-purposing video into multiple viewing formats.