IpTV Evangelist Launches Video Production & Media Integration Service For Companies

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IpTV Evangelist LogoWe’ve been covering the activities of IpTV Evangelist for some time now. Company founder Gilbert Hammer has had many of his views on the world of IpTV highlighted here on WebTVWire.

Gilbert has always been passionate about IpTV and the different ways that the technology of Web television are evolving. So it’s an obvious next step for IpTVe to become a service for media companies to utilise.

New Services Launching

IpTV Evangelist yesterday announced the launching of “a video production and media integration services group for companies in the ITV and IpTV space needing video and mixed media for their companied sites.”

The services on offer include “a wide range of services for delivery of video and mixed media online such as Product Demos, Trade show Panels, Video News Releases, Executive Briefings, Sales Presentations, Video Case Studies, and Media Training.”

An Essential Addition

IpTVe has already worked with high-profile companies such as Avon, BBC, General Foods, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Smithsonian, The New York Times, The United Nations, Wowza Media Systems and Yahoo!

To find out more about the range of services available you can visit the IPTVe Production page. With online television or video becoming a must for all companies in this technology driven era, this new service could be an essential for many.