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Vcasmo LogoVideo presentations are becoming the way to go for providing
content on informative and entertaining websites.

Web 2.0 sites are increasingly providing web users with a
range of new tools, services and technologies to this end.

All of these are meant to better help you lever your existing
communication skills via social media networks, online distribution and
delivery options, as well as emerging alternative media publishing

…and if you are in just for the ride, the excitement and
derived from such ongoing flow of increasingly impressive new tools and
ideas may be indeed worth your time.

But if you are after the in-depth understanding,
and the building of your own micro-publishing outlet, bog or news site,
the bits of information you can get at are always too granular and too
scattered to allow you to make any good sense of HOW you can put such
things into practice for yourself.

In Depth Video Presentations

Vcasmo Timeline Edit

This is why I have long chosen to go
for the in-depth, comprehensive reporting rather than for the
high-quantity, short-and-shallow-echo-chamber of posts that say, or
worse, relay, someone else’ scoop. 

But it’s not easy. Providing this
type of content requires a lot more effort, time, and truly high-level
reporting and writing skills.

One thing that can greatly help in this effort, as some are
to realize, is to make increased and better use of video. 

By recording
mini-tutorials and short-guides, it becomes somewhat easier to provide
compelling content that can be more immediately be put to use.

Integrated Powerpoint Presentations

If for example one could video record their own public
and deliver them in an integrated player with the corresponding
slide presentation synced to the video, a lot more people
could put together valuable content to be distributed online.

Take conferences, events, barcamps for example.
One thing is to be there to see the live presentations, and one thing
is to see only the PowerPoint or the video recording after the

For however great any one part of this can be it is never like being
able to
see and listen to the two together.

Check this out:

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It seems like ages ago, but in
February of this year I participated in one small, but memorable
I am not going to forget for a long time to come.

and organized by a small group of passionate bloggers to take place in
Ancona, this barcamp marked my first official presentation to a group
of Italians and the first time I publicly shared my view and strategy
on how to become a self-sustainable online publisher.

Be Your Own Boss

Labelled Be
Your Own Boss
this presentation, whose PowerPoint slideshow has been since made
available both in English and Italian versions on SlideShare,
it is now available in a brand new and highly innovative
multimedia format.

This new edition allows you, for the first time, to see both
original video recording of my live talk as well as the actual visual
presentation that run behind me, thanks to this breakthrough
side-by-side video+synchronized slide show delivery platform.

Thanks in fact to the excellent new free service made
available by VCASMO
anyone can now publish lecture and presentation video recordings (max
size 100 MB) fully synchronized with your original PowerPoint slides
that went it.

Isn’t it supercool? Too good to
be true?

for yourself:

Here is the original Be Your Own
Boss presentation delivered at the MarCamp
on Saturday February the 24th divided in three parts of about 10-15′
minutes each (this is in Italian – you can watch the corresponding
English slide show, albeit without me live next to it, right here: Be
Your Own Boss – Robin Good

Be Your Own Boss – Presentation by Robin Good

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Vcasmo is completely free
and available to anyone with a personal computer, a browser and a
broadband internet connection.

stands for video broadcast
and it already support any language contents. Interface-wise VCASMO
provides English, Japanese and Chinese users with a fully working

Vcasmo creates automatically both a RSS 2.0
and an Atom
for your shows, which can be subscribed to with any
standard RSS reader.

Maximum video size for your uploads is 100 MB. You can also
custom audio tracks, music and individual images to create highly
personalized video albums.

Vcasmo only secret is hidden inside its unique video +
sync interface in which anyone can easily and precisely sync the video
with specific slides or images in your show. 

Vcasmo Main Interface

Vcasmo supports tagging, full shareable embedding codes and
full screen-viewing for all your shows.

Vcasmo supports all Creative Commons licenses, allows commenting, email
sharing, translatable content, ratings and bookmarking of favorite

Highly recommended.

Originally written by Robin Good for Master New Media and entitled: “Presentation Technologies: Breakthrough New Delivery Platform – Vcasmo Integrates PowerPoint With Video” on Sept 7th 2007. Some Rights Reserved.