Icron WiRanger 440 Review | Cable-Free Wireless USB over Wi-Fi Extender (4 Ports)

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Icron’s Wiranger uses patented ExtremeUSB technology to extend the reach of a USB device over a Wi-Fi connection.

It uses 802.11g radio to deliver cable free USB functionality meaning you won’t be limited to the length of your USB cable, but rather the 30m range of the Wi-Fi connection.

The WiRanger does not need or use a home network, but instead communicates between two WiRangers as shown in the diagram below:


This will allow you to use USB printers, scanners, isochronous web cams, hard drives, and MP3 players wireless in your home. Pretty much any USB 1.1 and 2.0 device you have can now be used wirelessly.

Given that most new devices typically have wireless functionality built-in the usefulness of this USB extender is limited, but there are certainly practical uses where a device does not already have wireless functionality.

There are plenty of USB hard drives out there that could be transformed into a makeshift Network Attatched Storage (NAS).

The WiRanger operates out of the box. It’s simple plug and play with no additional software needed.

This particular model has 4 ports, although models with fewer ports are available.

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