DISH Network TV Special Offer & Rebates

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DISH NetworkHere is a breakdown of a new offer for the DISH Network from Satellite Solutions. For DISH Network plans starting at just $19.99 a month there are up to $1000 available in free gifts, rebates and savings.

If you are still choosing between DirecTV and the DISH TV then you can see our DirecTV and DISH Network Comparison on If you are leaning towards DirecTV then check out this DirecTV Rebate offer.

DISH Network Offer Includes:

  • Free Dual Tuner DVR Receiver Upgrade ($399 value)
    A Dual Tuner DVR that can work with two TVs or record two channels simultaneously.
  • Free Receiver Insurance
    If you commit to a 12 month contract you can claim free insurance for your DISH Network receiver.
  • Free Activation
    Activation of the DISH Network will be free. Please note that this requires an upfront charge of $49.99 which is then credited back on the first bill.  
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • $100 cash back for Dish Latino
    When you sign up to the DishLATINO package you will receive $10 credit on your bill every month for 10 months.      
  • $100 cash back for some International Programming!
    $10 credits per month for 10 months with subscriptions over $29.98 per month.
  • $75 in cash plus a choice of 1 of 5 other free gifts.

DISH Network Fall Special

This DISH Network Satellite offer should be available throughout the fall. For a breakdown of the rebates available from Satellite Solutions (a DISH Network partner) and from the DISH Network then check this page.

Please be sure to check the terms and conditions for all offers and understand that you may need to enter a 12 month contract (or longer) to be eligible for some of the rebates, savings and gifts.