Diamond VC500 USB Review | Cheap Video Backup & Capture from S-Video & Composite RCA

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These days it seems as if a lot of people have older media on their hands that they’d like to have transferred to a digital format (for instance, VHS tapes or old family footage captured with a camcorder, etc.)

For anyone who is looking to make some backups of old video footage like this, and would like to capture this video on a digital format with a PC, the Diamond VC500 One Touch is an ideal choice.

The Diamond VC500 offers capture technology for a number of different sources such as VCR, camcorder, DVD (or basically any device with video output offered through S-video or composite RCA ports) the One touch allows the user to capture video footage easily with just the touch of a button.

Once the capture software has been installed on the users PC, the Diamond VC500 device is then bridged between the particular video player to the computer’s USB port.

The software that is included with this helps guide the user in the process of capturing the video footage, and allows one to change the details and size of the video being saved.

There are a number of ways that a user can capture older video and bring it into a digital format on a PC, such as using a DVR system for example, but with a simple device like the Diamond VC500 One Touch, the transition is going to be very straight-forward and simple, using a simple connection between the device and your computer.

System Requirements

The system requirements are relatively simple, requiring 256 MB ram with an Intel or AMD CPU 1.4GHz (or faster) system. Disk space would depend on how much the user wishes to capture with this device, but 200 MB is recommended (with 600MB to 3GB per 1 Hour of Recording, again depending on how much the user wishes to capture).

Since this is dealing with video footage, and potentially a lot of it, it’s probably a good idea for those using older PC’s to close out other applications while running this capture software.

Hands-On With the Diaomond VC500

The Diamond VC500 One Touch offers an ideal and affordable solution to backing up older-format video footage, and is worth checking out for anyone who has old, nearly-obsolete video footage on their hands.

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