Cablevision Broadcasting CNET TV | 100s of On-Demand Shows for iO Subscribers

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Cablevision Systems has today launched its partnership with, bringing the site’s CNET TV offering to iO’s 2.5 million digital cable television customers.

The new Cablevision channel is being dubbed CNET TV – Powered by Optimum and will provide hours of on-demand television from tech news to how-to advice, as well as popular shows such as Top 5, Insider Secrets and Prize Fight.

The channel’s programming is divided into more than 100 distinct titles or choices, all of which are updated daily and can be accessed free of charge.

“We are pleased to deliver this valuable content to our digital cable customers through the power and convenience of interactive television, particularly since CNET is focused on covering the kinds of devices our customers use to get the most out of their Optimum services, including computers, high- definition televisions, digital cameras and music players,” beamed Dermot McCormack, Cablevision’s senior vice president of interactive product management.

Bringing CNET TV – Powered by Optimum seems to be natural extension for the online TV channel. CNET TV is already available on the TV set to internet enabled TiVo subscribers using TiVoCast.

This deal represents how niche internet TV content is further beginning to slip onto our living room. Now the TV set can have an on-demand answer to all sorts of gadget queries and problems via CNET TV. Something regular broadcast TV could never bring the consumer.

[Via PR Newswire]