BSkyB Hates YouView / BSkyB Loves YouView

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YouView-LogoWell here’s a turn up for the books. BSkyB, one of the BBC fiercest critics and a former protester against YouView, suddenly wants in on the action alongside other interested media companies. I think I’d tell Murdoch Jr. where to go, personally.


YouView is the connect TV platform and associated set-top box which was born at the BBC from the ashes of Project Kangaroo. Kangaroo was a joint venture between the main British television networks which would have seen their catch-up services rolled into one. It was killed off by the Competition Commission after complaints from rival broadcasters Virgin Media and BSkyB.

Those same companies also raised objections over YouView, but failed in their bid to see the project halted. And now one of them seems interested in coming on board…

BSkyB On Board?

Richard Halton, YouView CEO, announced the list of media companies which have expressed an interest in having their content delivered via the YouView set-top box. And amongst the 16 which includes LoveFilm, Film4oD, and Blinkx, is one BSkyB.

A Sky spokesman said:

“We already distribute Sky content across a wide range of platforms. It makes sense for us to continue to explore new ways of reaching customers, but it’s too early to say at this stage whether we’ll offer a service over YouView.”

In other words we’re hedging our bets, expressing an interest without actually committing to be a part of YouView. Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it.


I guess on this occasion the old adage of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer rings true. If BSkyB wants to be a part of YouView then it will at least mean they stop bitching about the project from the sidelines, and that has to be a good thing.

As for YouView as a whole, timing is going to be crucial, and I fear by the time the platform and the set-top box arrives it’ll be too little, too late. Even with Lord Sugar (Alan) on board.

[Via The Telegraph]