Boxee Desktop Client Is No More As Boxee Tries To Tempt Us All Into Buying Boxee Box Instead

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BoxeeIn a sign of things to come, Boxee has killed its desktop app in order to throw all its time, effort, and money behind the Boxee Box. This move brings it into direct competition with the likes of Google, Apple and Roku.

Boxee Desktop Dead

The Boxee desktop app is dead, with Boxee having pulled the plug on it at the end of January. Boxee announced the plans at the end of December 2011 when it released Boxee version 1.5. That final version of the Boxee desktop app was only available for a little over a month, and wasn’t even that brilliant.

This move attracted criticism from many longtime Boxee users, who had supported and tested the desktop client throughout its early iterations. These loyal Boxee adopters are now left with a stark choice: buy a Boxee Box or find an alternative desktop app for their video streaming needs.

Boxee Box Lives On

The only way to enjoy Boxee now is to buy a Boxee Box. This is connected set-top box with an innovative design. It’s manufactured by D-Link and retails for around $200. This makes it more expensive than both the $99 Apple TV and $99 Roku box.

While it’s a decent product is anyone going to choose that over one of the cheaper alternatives? Or even over connecting a computer up to a TV and streaming directly? Even that method is becoming increasingly unnecessary thanks to smart televisions shipping with streaming software included as standard.


I guess it makes sense to focus on one part of your business, and that would have to be the one which is generating money. But this is still a risky move on the part of Boxee (as it enters crowded waters), and one which has seen many fans of the platform completely sever ties and move to XBMC or Plex.

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