Bitlet – The Ultra Simple Web Based BitTorrent Client Evolves To Allow Easy Uploads & More

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BitLet LogoThe web recently saw a new ultra-simple web-based utility of
the peer-to-peer milieu called BitLet.

The easy to use program is
evolvng and so we thought we’d take a look at the latest innovations.

Whereas prior to this moment one could only use the BitTorrent
utility to download files from the Web, BitLet
now offers the option to upload data to “the cloud”
with little or no
trouble just the same. 

One Click Upload

One must only click BitLet’s
‘Upload’ button
located at the top of the page, choose a tracker, enter a
comment/description if one so wishes, and then proceed to select a file
(or directory) to present as a torrent metafile online. 

completing these steps, BitLet also gives one the convenient option to
publish the torrent(s) to Mininova, a link hub among the most popular
and active on the Web at present.

Doesn’t get much easier than that, eh?

BitLet Upload Screen

Built For Speed And Ease

was built to give anyone
the option to download digital torrents quickly and easily, with no
local software whatsoever; it’s been both celebrated and
lampooned for
its no-nonsense, elementary makeup.

It has the basic traits of a BitTorrent client with none of
the menu
systems and configurable parameters commonly found in more advanced,
desktop-based offerings available today.

This makes it at once a great
starter utility for folks uninterested in tweaking preference settings
in software.

And an abysmal, only-as-a-last-resort solution for power
procurers and proliferators (what I go through to provide my
readership with cheesy alliteration…) to use either when on
the go or
using an Internet-connected terminal one does not own. 

A PC made
available by an employer or scholarly institution, for example.


While I cannot personally profess to use BitLet for “quick
and easy” online file transfers (I obtain things free and legal by way
of Vuze,
a Java-based construct built on the Azureus utility) it’s
certainly a
great alternative to more advanced solutions if an alternative is what
one requires.

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