Apple iPhone Flash Video Error | iPhone Won’t Install Flash Plugin

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Apple LogoNeeding a Hi Fi speaker system for a party, I found myself in an Apple store. What else did I spy amongst the gadgets and gizmos? Yes, an Apple iPhone, seemingly the product of choice for everyone at the moment.

But don’t assume it has no faults, just a few minutes spent surfing the OS and trying to view websites on it resulted in a major one. If possible iPhone YouTube problems weren’t enough…


I went to IPTVe, a bit apprehensive to see if it would all load normally. A slight pause as the main page loaded, I was heard saying cool out loud as people lifted their heads and smiled.

Pages loaded quickly for horizontal or vertical viewing, even if selecting links required miniature fingers.


Then came the acid test for any site using Flash video, was the phone loaded with Flash? NO.



I was prompted to load Flash and while I was nicely sent to the Adobe site, the phone does not allow for installation of additional applications.

Until Apple decides to open, their OS to act like ever other computer on the planet you are stuck. I mean the iPhone is really a computer so it should behave like one.

Therefore, I will wait to see Rev 1.2 from Apple or perhaps something from another handset maker. In a few months, prices should begin to drop and more competition will enter the market.

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