Amazon Studios Chooses First Four Television Shows For Series Development Slate

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amazon-studios-logoAmazon Studios has selected the first four shows it wants to develop further as part of its quest to create original content. If successful as pilots these shows will end up on Amazon Instant Video or even on mainstream TV.

Amazon Studios

The likes of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Yahoo are all now in the business of producing original content, whether it be films, television shows, animated shorts, or documentaries. And now Amazon has officially joined that burgeoning list of online production houses for streaming media.

Just last month Amazon Studios put the call out for submissions in the comedy and kids television genres. Anyone was invited to submit an idea for an original television show, with the best of the best promised a chance to actually get their idea made with additional funding from Amazon.

The first four shows have been selected, and have now been moved to the Development Slate. From here the writers will be assisted in getting their ideas turned into pilots which will then be subject to testing by audiences.

Successful Pitches

The four pitches – three animated series and one mockumentary – that have made it through to the Development Slate are:-

The 100 Deaths Of Mort Grimley

Angel Castillo presents an adult-themed animated comedy telling the story of Mort Grimley, an accidental suicide victim who arrives in Hell only to be offered a deal. Hell needs more residents, so Grimley is told to get 100 people to kill themselves in order to get a free pass out of the underworld.

Magic Monkey Billionaire

Diana Wright presents an animated comedy in the mold of Itchy and Scratchy that is aimed at all ages. A magician’s two assistants Rabbit and Monkey star, with Monkey inheriting a fortune after their owner’s death. The two friends then go head-to-head in a veritable battle between good and evil.

Buck Plaidsheep

Frank Suarez and Clark Stubbs present children’s animated series chronicling the adventures of the titular Buck Plaidsheep. This superhero sheep races to the rescue whenever there is a problem on Fleecy Farm, utilizing one of his many souped-up vehicles.


Nathan Thomas presents a live-action mockumentary featuring a cast of characters preparing for the end of the world. This doomsday scenario is predicted by an erstwhile guru, but there are a host of other big characters in this diverse ensemble comedy series.


To be honest all four of these pitches sound solid, and I can see why they were selected from out of the thousands Amazon received. Whether they make it any further is up to the writers and the team from Amazon who will be turning mere ideas into living, breathing television shows to test in front of an audience.

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