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Amazon Studios LogoAmazon is the latest streaming media company to pledge its desire to begin producing its own original content. I can’t help feeling this is the start of something big, something that will forever change the way we view television and movies.

A Small Revolution

As we have discussed many times here on WebTVWire there is a small revolution happening in terms of the production of original video content. After years of merely licensing classic television programming, some streaming companies are getting into the game themselves.

We have already seen YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo, and others entering into the production side of things. And now Amazon is joining them, with Amazon Studios putting the call out for writers and filmmakers to pitch ideas that could get turned into series. The shows will be exclusive to Amazon Instant Video, the online retailer’s streaming business.

Amazon Studios Original Content

Those interested in pitching ideas to Amazon need to follow the directions on the Amazon Studios ‘Getting Started‘ page. Comedy shows and shows for children are currently top of the agenda, though I suspect the range of content will increase if the effort proves successful.

Amazon Studios Pitch

If a show gets optioned it’s $10,000, if it goes into production it’s $55,000 plus potential royalties. This is peanuts compared to television productions, but perfectly acceptable for someone looking to break into the business. Put it this way, I wouldn’t turn down that fee.

No details have yet been released regarding the total budget or number of shows that will make it to air (or the Web, more accurately).


This is yet another streaming video company making the decision to start producing its own shows. Which is an important step on the road to the Web becoming a fully functioning arena for content delivery to consumers, without any need to bow down to old media dictators. The more the merrier, I say.

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