YouTube Unveils New Features For Content Creators | Studio App, Crowdfunding, 60fps

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new-youtube-logoYouTube would be nothing without content, and original content, no less. And the people who create that original content need as many tools at their disposal as possible. YouTube has delivered a new set of features to content creators that should help make their jobs easier than ever before.

Content Is King

The old adage that content is king has never been truer than for YouTube at this very moment. What started out as a site where short, crappy clips ruled supreme, has evolved into a site packed full of interesting and original content.

The production values are through the roof, and certain individuals are gaining fame and fortune purely as a result of running popular YouTube channels. YouTube understands this need to foster the talent, hence its extra efforts to help make the lives of content creators easier than ever before.

New Features For Creators

YouTube is currently rolling out a host of new features aimed primarily at content creators. These include:-

  • YouTube Creator Studio: An Android app (coming soon to iOS) which gives content creators a full toolkit for managing, and analyzing the performance of, their videos.
  • Audio Library: Now with thousands of royalty-free sound effects designed to liven up even the dullest YouTube video.
  • 60fps Video: An option to broadcast with high frame rates has been added especially for gamers, meaning gameplay footage looks as good on YouTube as when being played.
  • Fan Funding: Channel owners will soon be able to seek funding from fans without resorting to Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  • Creator Credits: Collaboration between big-name YouTube celebrities is a massive deal now, so a dedicated space for creator credits is coming soon.
  • Subtitles By Fans: People watching YouTube videos will soon be able to contribute their own subtitles, ensuring people from around the world can enjoy videos despite language barriers.

From Strength To Strength

YouTube seems set to go from strength-to-strength, and keeping the talent happy is a surefire way to do just that.

After all, competing platforms such as Twitch and Yahoo’s planned new video service will be looking to poach that same talent away from YouTube in order to increase their own chances of success.

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