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The XstreamHD service has been in the works for a few years and is finally due for public release later this year. It essentially offers DVR functionality, on-demand video and sharing of video across your home network.

When you buy an XstreamHD you would get a HD Media Server unit which will store your video content on a hard drive, and a HD Media receiver which hooks up to your TV.

A remote control would also be provided to use the XstreamHD interface on your TV. As you can see from the pics below the GUI looks well designed and intuitive.

[Image Source: Sound & Vision]

Main Features

Video on demand will be delivered via satellite which seems odd given the move by most Set Top Boxes to IPTV based services. Video will be available in full 1080p HD and audio will be DTS-HD.

The device will also have 3 tuners allowing record and watch up to 3 ATSC over the air (OTA) channels with typical DVR functions.

DLNA capable devices will also be able pull video from the HD Media Server, but from what I gather if you had a DLNA TV you’d still probably want to hook it up to the Media Receiver to get the XstreamHD user interface.

You will also be able to manage media on your home network including videos, images and music.

XStreamHD’s Sales Pitch:

XStreamHD Invites You to Join the HD Revolution

XStreamHD invites you to enjoy a revolutionary in-home digital entertainment experience. Step up to unparalleled HD entertainment living with

XStreamHD’s whole home entertainment solution. Enjoy Full HD (1080p) video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless DTS-HD Master Audio™ content – including movies, music and games – at the highest level of quality that today’s advanced digital consumer electronics and home theaters were designed to support.

How XStreamHD Works – No-Hassle HD

Using a small outdoor satellite antennae, your XStreamHD system collects multiple streams of studio master quality HD entertainment at lightening fast speed. The content is streamed directly into one sophisticated XStreamHD Media Server in your home that collects, stores and organizes your pre-fetched movies, music and games in your Virtual Personal Library.

The HD Server is loaded with up to 4TB of removable internal storage, and additional access to external storage via an eSATA connection. Further, the XStreamHD Media Server includes a built-in Network Video Recorder that uses three HDTV (ATSC) tuners to capture all of your favorite off-air HDTV programs from start-to-finish – regardless of schedule changes – thanks to a unique patent-pending Adaptive Recording feature.

XStreamHD Whole Home Entertainment Solution

As a whole home solution, the XStreamHD Media Server can deliver multiple streams of content throughout your home to any television equipped with a compact XStreamHD Media Receiver or any DLNA Certified™ device – from computers, to next-generation televisions and game consoles.

With every XStreamHD Media Receiver you get an ergonomic, state-of-the-art XStreamHD RF One Remote Control that requires no line-of-site and integrates with most home A/V equipment. Additionally, XStreamHD has just released an audiophile-class PRO Media Receiver that permits you to leverage your
elite audio equipment that supports analog inputs to decode and output the latest generation of HD studio master quality audio and video.

Pre-Fetched Entertainment – Immediate Access to Studio Master Quality HD

Only XStreamHD provides you with Pre-Fetched Entertainment (PFE). PFE automatically delivers just-released HD movies, music and electronic games
directly to your Virtual Personal Library.

Leap forward to a world in which you can enjoy immediate access to the highest quality content sent directly to your home, without the wait times and hassles associated with in-store shopping, mail order programs, and slow Internet content downloads. Never be denied any of the latest titles.

XStreamHD Calling – FREE In-Network Calling

XStreamHD also provides you with a Business Class Phone Upgrade. Enjoy XStreamHD Calling – FREE in-network calling between XStreamHD customers.

Plus, you can add multiple extensions to your existing phone lines and gain additional VoIP advanced phone features including interactive voice response (IVR) and access to voicemail through your computer or television.

XStreamHD Interoperability – Easy Installation, Easy Integration

XStreamHD is a simple-to-install solution and operates with many existing home electronic components. XStreamHD integrates with DLNA Certified™ devices that include advanced flat-screen televisions, Blu-ray players, computers and game consoles.

The system promises to deliver unmatched quality, convenience and value to everyone who chooses to improve their in-home entertainment standard of living!

Price & Availability

The introductory model will contain a modest 500GB drive in the Xstream Media Server and come with HD Media Receiver for a relatively steep $399. 1TB and 2TB models will cost more.

The XstreamHD will also have an undisclosed monthly service as Dave Zatz pointed out. This will be for service, guide data, and VoIP calling to fellow customers

XStreamHD will soon be taking pre-orders for an expected spring delivery. When the devices are available on eBay live auctions will appear below:

No eBay items currently available.

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