Watch Life In A Day, The YouTube Movie Documentary Featuring Ordinary People

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Life In A Day PosterA day in the life of one person is intriguing, but what about life, as it exists all around us, in a day? That’s surely even more intriguing, and it’s something which the YouTube movie, Life In A Day, explores in an evocative documentary.

YouTube Movie

The power of online video, especially YouTube with its amazing amount of content which is being added to all the time, is immense but somewhat underutilized at this point in time.

Video outlets on the Web, along with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are now beginning to be used for political change, as can be seen in Tunisia and Egypt right now, but what about social change?

Online video can certainly offer an insight into other cultures and the lives of other people in countries most of us will never visit. And that is what documentary film Life In A Day, otherwise known as the YouTube movie, aims to show.

Life In A Day

Life In A Day

began life at the beginning of July last year when anyone and everyone was asked to film themselves going about their normal business on July 24, 2010.

In total, around 80,000 people from 192 countries submitted 450,000 hours of footage. This was then whittled down to just 1 hour 35 minutes of footage and compiled into a film by director Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott.

The end result is a documentary that gets down to the grassroots of film-making, showing ordinary people living out their lives. It sounds boring but it’s actually utterly compelling for its duration.

Watch Life In A Day

Life In A Day

had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 27, and it was live-streamed on YouTube at the same time. It is being rebroadcast on YouTube today (Jan. 28) at 7pm local time.

After that it’ll be some time before you’re able to see Life In A Day, because National Geographic films picked it up for a theatrical release. It’s due to show in movie theaters from July 24, 2011, exactly a year after the footage was shot.

Life In A Day is well worth a watch if the lives of other people is of any interest to you. And unlike other documentaries, this is pure footage, with no gimmicks, glitz, or glamor.