Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, News, Video Start-Ups, Video used in eCommerce by Fraser MacInnes on September 6, 2007

vzaar.jpgRemember when we told you all about how Listasaurus added the option to upload videos to its classified ads? We were slightly bemused by the fact that the likes of eBay hadn’t already made the same move and it looks like someone was listening (maybe).

A company called Vzaar launched a service yesterday that allows eBay users to upload videos to their listings for free. The company that is made up of ex-eBay employees is looking to leverage the existing user base that eBay has in order to help bolster its own service.

You can’t hold a good idea down so this was bound to happen eventually, though it is interesting that eBay are keeping it in the family so to speak. Will this put an end to misleading eBay ads? Probably not.

[Via NewTeeVee]

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