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Strutta LogoStrutta takes the old concept of bragging rights and ombines
it with online video to create a fun social media website which could
keep you entertained for hours.

If you constantly brag
that you are the best at handstands in three counties, Strutta gives
you a place to prove it. 

If you have an obnoxious friend or co-worker
who won’t shut up about how great they are at, well, anything – put it
on video and use Strutta to prove them wrong (or right).

Entertainment For Hours

is a fun website with
little purpose beyond having bragging rights to any task you can dream
up and put on video, or proving obnoxious people wrong. 

Even so, I
managed to waste an hour on the site watching various people make
complete idiots of themselves at various tasks, and voting for or
against them as they came up against similar videos. 

Pure Entertainment

I’m not sure if
Strutta holds any purpose beyond plain entertainment, but regardless it
certainly offers plenty of that.

According to Strutta CEO Danny Robinson: 

“Until Strutta, there
has not been an organized body online to recognize and honor the most
talented individuals in the world.”

“After today, if you claim to be the
best at anything but have not won a Strutta to prove it, then the
answer is simple – you’re not.”


The videos are sorted by category, making them easier to find
for people who don’t want to use the Play feature to see a more random
selection. Users can use the Strutta interface directly, or they can
pull in videos they have already imported to YouTube

Once you add your
video, you must add it to a game. Each game has two players, and judges
(the viewers) can vote once a day, and may change that vote once if
they choose.

Strutta offers features for the statistics happy as well,
a Leaderboard and other ways to measure your success at anything and
everything you can capture on a few minutes of video. 

Strutta - Bragging Rights With Web Video


Strutta even
offers statistics and demographic measurements for the games users are
playing in, so you can track your winnings (or losings) on a more meta
scale. If you are searching for an easy comparison, think of Strutta as
the next logical step in home video evolution. 

First there were the
crotch shots and face plants in America’s
Funniest Home Videos, then there was… Strutta.

Addictive Fun For YouTube Generation

In spite of the ease of making fun of Strutta as a concept,
there is
no denying it is addictive. I know I kept clicking from one game to the
next, rating videos. In fact, the interface from one game to the next
is almost like StumbleUpon in its smooth randomness. 

It seems odd to
say, but I think the minds behind Strutta may just have a hit on their
hands, as they take the fascination we have with other people and turn
it into a contest that taps our competitive nature.

This article is based on a Profy post written by Leslie Poston.