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Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade Of ComedySeth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Comedy has finally arrived, and is already proving to be a massive hit. Could this lead to more Web series being commissioned?

Seth MacFarlane is the man behind Family Guy and his new comedy channel has become the most popular on YouTube for this week exceeding 3 million video views.

Google & MacFarlane Team Up

sethcomedyThe Cavalcade was announced back in June as a tie up between MacFarlane and Google, which is distributing the original series around the Internet using its Content Network, which in turn is part of Google AdSense.

This seems to be a perfect union for all concerned, as it gives Google original content with which to sell advertising alongside, MacFarlane guaranteed revenue from the time and effort taken in creating the content, and fans of Family Guy some new comedy shorts to watch on the Web.

Burger King Sponsorship

The series started on September 10th, with two new shorts available to watch on and Burger King’s YouTube channel: Burger King are sponsoring the first ten episodes of the Cavalcade.

It’s already proving to be a massive hit, taking the number one spot on YouTube. MacFarlane’s channel has managed more than 300,000 views in the couple of days since launch. It has also already managed to secure over 51,000 subscribers.

Super Mario

One of the shorts, titled Super Mario Rescues The Princess (embedded below), has been watched over 2.1 million times and become the most popular video of the week. While this is nowhere near Avril Lavigne levels, is a very high number in such a short space of time.

Advertising Revenue

Not only will Burger King likely be ecstatic with that many people watching a video associated with its brand, but MacFarlane, Google, and Media Rights Capital are also set to do well out of the series’ popularity, by sharing the AdSense advertising revenue.

This success is sure to lead to Google wanting to bring more original Web series to YouTube, which it then distributes instead of ads around the rest of the Web.

More Original Series On Way?

In the same way that Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog found an unmitigated level of success by being a Web exclusive, so Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Comedy seems to be doing the same.

Expect to see a crop of original series cropping up on the Web thanks to these two series proving there can be viewers found and money made from series created solely to cater for the Web.

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