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kickasstorrents-logo is a new player in the torrent search space creating an easy and currently ad-free way to search for music, TV shows, movies, eBooks, and software.

The torrent portal launched publicly back in February 2009 and in under 10 months has quickly become a serious player in the torrent space.

KickAssTorrents has told that it receives over 100,000 visitors each day. A quick look at the traffic growth on Alexa confirms this:



Sweet Usability

Upon arriving on you’ll instantly notice the clean design, ease of use, and obvious absence of advertising.

Torrent sites have become the underground playhouse for scammy advertisers promising russian wives, instant weight loss, hot girls in your area, and seedy work from home opportunities.

It is a breath of fresh air to see a torrent site that lacks advertising, but the site is still young and KickAssTorrentz could yet be seduced by the promise of ad-revenue checks.

However, right now KickAssTorrents is probably the most friendly torrent search engine out there, and with ThePirateBay having no end of trouble KickAssTorrents is filling in the gap.

The aggressive and tech-fearing rights holders still haven’t quite grasped that taking down one great torrent site will just give birth to another.

KickAssTorrentz is also pushing forward with some interesting innovations and community features such as ajax comments preview, a firefox search plugin and and imdb integration.

However, legal pressure is still the biggest threat to any torrent site, and the owners of KickAssTorrents, like many other torrent sites, look to be trying to divert attention away from themselves and remain a hidden hand behind the Torrent portal.

KickAssTorrents Interview

I had the pleasure of being able to interview KickAssTorrents and dig deeper into this promising Torrent portal.

What caused the very recent, sudden and powerful jump in traffic for KickAssTorrents at the end October 2009?

It happened because of a number of different factors. From the inside we started a new marketing campaign, re-launched our blog, made a lot of small changes, etc.

From the outside we got recognition from the torrent community, landed on few top lists, got some good reviews, became listed on and and here we are. And yeah we became the default search engine for Vuze.

What do you believe it is about KickAssTorrents that sets it apart from other Torrent sites?

Skill + Creativity + Work. All the popular trackers are old and really lack usability, most of the new trackers/torrent search engines lack creativity and just intend to copy the existing trends.

We instead tried to create something more interesting. Our developers used latest search technologies and our designers did their best to make the site both easy to use and good looking.

We also added various features like direct http download of selected torrents, and imdb integration, customizable user area and many small things like ajax comments preview. And of course we constantly improve KickAssTorrents to make it even better.

I saw some potential evidence that the owners of KickAssTorrents are based in the Ukraine. Is this true? If not where are the owners/company based?

We prefer to say that the owners are based online. During our work KickAssTorrents was intended to be a torrent search engine of tomorrow, and in future the country where you are based is irrelevant.

The biggest threat to any Torrent site is legal issues which can result in the site been taken down. What are you doing to protect yourself from this?

We have a disclaimer concerning copyright issues and we are open to communicate with any copyright holders. But we will remove content only if these companies or individuals provide enough legal basis for removal and most important a properly filled DMCA request.

I noticed there were no adverts on the site which is rare for a torrent site. Why have you done this and do you intend to continue this no-ad policy?

We removed ads to make the site more usable and less annoying. And yes we plan to continue this policy. We are simply not interested in fast ad-money, our goal is to establishing a good torrent site.

What role do you see P2P file sharing having in 10 years time and how do you envisage rights holders and P2P networks could work together?

In 10 years time P2P file sharing will be popular, huge and wireless. If not there will be some other new type of file sharing.

As for right holders the ones who are interested in profit and not in legal issues, will change their copyright policy and work together with P2P networks.

I mean look at the news, this band released their music on BitTorent, this company shared a special version of their game through file sharing network.  In few years this will be normal and for copyright holders P2P networks will become an ally and not an enemy.

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