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The Chinese Government has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of media industry associations to help fight piracy and protect online copyright. The industry associations involved are the Motion Picture Association of America, the Business Software Alliance, the Association of American Publishers and the Publishers Association of the UK.

The Chinese government will be required to pass on information about piracy cases that they detect upon request from the media associations which in theory should make it harder for pirates to hide out in China. Whether or not this will actually work in reality is yet to be proved.

According to IDC, a research firm doing annual studies country by country, the piracy rate of software in China reached 86 percent last year and resulted in more than three billion dollars in losses by 2005. Piracy in China extends well beyond software with China beleived to be the world’s leading source of pirated goods in general. American officials say Chinese piracy costs legitimate producers up to $50 billion a year in lost potential sales.

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